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I had to call this business for about six months when this happened. The shop was a toy store that sells, among other things, the plastic model, the asianpornmovies line in. The business involved a mother and her daughter was running. The mother, Betty was a petite blonde in her forties, handsome and beautiful, with a figure. The daughter, Angela, Angie, in short, was a pretty girl, very nice, I would be about twenty years with a very sexy figure and blonde, like her mother to guess. These two were very friendly and chatty and always assured me a good reception and a cup of coffee. I never thought of an intimate, happy that we had a good relationship. I called every month and always gives you just that little extra time to ' Customer Relations '. That day I was in the kitchen at the back of the store with a cup of coffee and talk, because, said Betty: 'Angie and I were talking about you the other day, John, and we agreed thatWe thought it was a bit of a goer ! Are we good. ' I was a little stunned and laughed : ' Well, I do not know. ''Forward ! ' Betty was a twinkle in his eyes, ' to give ! It may have asianpornmovies been bet you like a bit of the other, and I bet there's a lot to offer, if you already have a representative of a lifetime! '' Well, I guess I do not mind. Why, that's a shame ? '' If you want to be there, ' came the reply. Well, as I said, that she was an attractive woman. In fact they look very sexy and I think I said that I would not mind had for each of them. 'If it is then offered,' I said, ' I certainly would not go down, I think you two would be good.... well, you know what I mean. ? But you are not married, ' ' Not now, I am a widow and her husband of Angie was a year or more, we miss you both. 'She came to me after he put his arm around my neck and kissed me as she put her hand down and felt my cock. It was not difficult, of course, but said'This feels promising! ' I kissed her again and soon we kissed passionately while she really felt it was my growing erection I had a nice feel of her breasts through her asianpornmovies ​​blouse and bra. Betty began to breathe harder and I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped her bra straps, and had a good look and feel a good pair of breasts. She opened and I had asianpornmovies my cock, knelt asianpornmovies asianpornmovies and then take a good look kiss and suck them. The situation was certainly developed rapidly. tugged at his feet and his hands found the waistband of her skirt and panties pulled down. 'Forward !' I gasped, hollow, very warm, plump Fanny pushed the finger up and down the slot between the lips. At that time, Angie stuck his head out the door: 'Oh God, to go to mom !' She laughed and quickly retreated. Betty put on the kitchen table and pushed her skirt to her waist, then I took off my jacket and tie and dropped my pants and underpants. I knelt and kissed the ShahPely hill and closed lips, which were a little moist and tasty, so I used my tongue. Her lips parted immediately and I explored the open mouth of asianpornmovies her sex, I found her love canal and lick his fucking tongue against her clitoris. She jumped and made a little noise when I make asianpornmovies a copy of the fine finger-shaped organ, which soon had her moaning when I was a little more pressure on the organ very sensitive and felt a thrill to run through them. She opened her mouth saying, 'Well, John,now! ' I stood up and raised his head against my stiff cock was swinginmg look from side to side in front of me, 'Please, put it in now, I can not wait! 'I pulled her forward until he left on the edge of the table, put your legs over my shoulders, and then pressed the button on my cock in your mouth already open and the narrow hole of pussy. She opened her mouth as I pushed. I pushed up asianpornmovies my balls pressed against her ass, felt her start to lubricate most abundant and began to fuck her. ' Oh, John! Come on, really, for me, I waited so long !' I asianpornmovies started fucking asianpornmovies harder, I took my wife, as usual this morning and knew I could give this woman sexually a. a good look hungry She loved, she had her legs on my shoulders and my hands on it, sliding a finger on the table to leave the ground. I picked up strongly for more than 10 minutes and then slows down and threw it so soft, I could feel her pussy contracting and relaxing, as he approached. 'I Fill Up! ' She cried, 'I can not get pregnant, I feel your cum inside! ' had a few minutes later with my ejaculation force of habit, and she screamed. A moment later, Angie 's head came through the door, ' Shhh! Customers know what you're doing! ' ' I do not care ! ' Betty said, 'Anyway, it's over and I am full of his sperm ' I was still plugged in and passed through the consequences of their emotions in the sense that I was where I was until it was completed. Of course, my cock Shrank and I turned, slipped, I saw his boot. It was still open and a dribble of milk and juice Fanny sprang up and ran over her anus. 'You pussy sexy! ' I said. ' Oh God,you're right! ' Betty said, 'I feel like hell now, wonderful. ' 'Stay there,' he said, and shuffled a couple of lengths of Kichen Towel the tear film and gave it to her, before helping me. She wiped her pussy, although much remains to her, near her pussy, little by little and little sweaty. She sat, 'I know you want to be good at it,' he said, asking for forgiveness, they are able, Angie same? ' ' Give me 10 minutes, then yes, 'I replied. Betty smiled,' I suspected it would be able to do that ! God, I liked it, ' fell off the table and shook her skirt down, adjusted her bra and unbuttoned her blouse,' I'm better now and see that Angie ' I had washed and pulled my pants and trousers Angie came when ' I heard thwhen you have just given the best damn mother ever had on their lives, ' he said, ' I would like some, like the ! '' You are more likely to get, ' he said, ' the last second! '' Very asianpornmovies nice ! ' She laughed. He retired completely naked in front of me, I needed no encouragement, and is as hard as I watched. She had beautiful large firm breasts and a prominent pubis, the pubic area was shaved and everything was fine pussy I told him so. 'I thank thee, show me what you just gave mom. 'I approached her and knelt over my cock and kissed me really good oral sex. When he got up, I was excited to open and in any case her clit was bigger than his mother. I did what I had done to his mother and put on the table and knelt and kissed and licked her pussy. she put her fingers in my hair and pressed his face against the flesh performance because Maon. sucked her clit and she had paroxysms emotion, as in the table in surprise: ' Oh damn youbeautifulThe tail ! ' She opened her mouth,' put me and give me a good fuck, I have not been caught and the bastard has asianpornmovies left me ! ' I lifted her legs on my shoulders, my hands on it, understood, and slid my dick in her holes streaming. ' Oh, great! ' She gasped when his mother had been very close, became even more, withdrew asianpornmovies her pussy on my dick hard. I was sure that they feel intentionally tighten your muscles around me, but I took it with force anyway. To she loved to run through his emotion as rhythmic thrust. was more humid and damp, the noises coming from her pussy and more agricultural, 'let sexy motherfucker, fuck me hard ! 'Why are you always asking Woen gets fucked hard but are more difficult to be condemned? Not know, I'm just trying to give them what they want. ' I've never been picked to come, ' she asianpornmovies exclaimed,' but believe will happen. 'I went and knelt before her back was clear of his love juice - channel reaches, and I sucked and swallowed. They had nice sweet juice and went to town in his mouth, until suddenly, came with a large quake. When they come asianpornmovies I stood up and pushed my cock inside her and pushed as hard as I could to comply with the accompaniment of loud applause as our bodies. She kept screaming coming, oblivious to the sounds she makes, without thinking about it until I shot my load inside. At which cried aloud, I was hoping that there are no customers in the store. I dropped on them, 'Christ ! ' She cried, 'Mom was right, you're the best son fuck up! ' Me relief and sat on a chair, then knelt down and clean asianpornmovies my mouth. Then I saw in the sink to wash before filling a container and wash myself, ' OK? ' 'I asked. ' Yes, just do not expect to have to take two women today, even if I use my wife when I get home ! Great, but you and your mother, two 's awesome. ' ' I hope that because I hope that this BECOMe is a regular thing every month! 'She replied. ' I will try my best, ' I assured him. And so it turned out, I took so long almost everyone who went there during the ten years I trust them, and seemed as much as I love you.
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